Who we are

MOTU VENTURES is a Berlin-based seed fund focused on building lean startups and boosting talented entrepreneurs. We specialize in first round financing of seed stage companies. Leveraging our network and experience, we support our portfolio companies from their early stage and we accelerate them as active investor.

Our focus in digital technology reflects our belief in the disruptive potential of innovative software; tools that the global economy will continue to need to improve its efficiency. As a result, innovative tech companies have the potential to shape the future and promise attractive returns.


MOTU: Endless water flowing along channels through reef gardens in Polynesia nourish the coral to the extent that they grow above the surface of the water creating islets capable of sustaining vegetation, called Motu. Like the energetic currents that form these oceanic islets, Motu Ventures nourishes business ideas to break through the clutter and sustain growth – making the tide rich with capital to flow back to investors.


Managing Partners

Dr. Philipp Semmer, MBA

Former Partner@Hogan Lovells

Business Angel for several years

Dr. Karsten Stein

Startup@Y2K, Investor

VC and Private Equity

Michael Schmitt, Venture Partner

Former Engineering Director@Google

Business Angel for several years

Oleksandr Matsiuk, Investment Analyst

Strategy and International Management @ University of St.Gallen

Startup and VC 


Our first investment in March 2016:


Opinary is the next chapter in publishing and marketing, driving record user interaction and revolutionary ad formats. Known for its first product pressekompass on Spiegel Online.

Our second investment in May 2016:

parlamind is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Customer Service. Based on latest research in Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning parlamind works seamlessly together with its human counterparts as a member in the customer service team.

Our third investment in July 2016:

voya is a highly innovative digital business travel service. Voya reimagines business travel by using human assisted artificial intelligence, combining all services a business traveller needs in one application. Being personal, efficient and fast by providing hand-picked travel options in no time, perfectly matching the needs of travellers, while they are on the clients’ side 24/7 via conversational services on multiple messenger channels.

Our fourth investment in January 2017:

Vivira provides post-rehab workout programs. The patients reclaim mobility, strength and agility with a personalized plan via tablet or smartphone.

Our fifth investment in June 2017:

Bilendo automates and streamlines the time-consuming process of dunning for each company and is the first B2B SaaS provider to optimise the liquidity of companies, and it automatizes the entire dunning process. The self-onboarding service is usable for all enterprises immediately and does not require any technical setup. Bilendo assists all users with the improvement of their complete debtor management and the administration of outstanding items.

Our sixth investment in July 2017:

The Barcelona based team of InflightVR will revolutionize the traditional entertainment systems in aircrafts through a virtual reality platform. Every part of InflightVR is designed to give the passengers a breath taking experience in an artificial new reality. InflightVR already partnered with Airbus BizLab and is currently reaching out to the airline industry.

Our seventh investment in January 2018:

Realxdata provides the next generation of big data and analytics for the real estate industry. Founded in 2016, the company enables the transformation of commercial property into a transparent asset class by building the leading data-driven analysis tool.

Our eighth investment in June 2018:

blik helps customers to transform their production logistics. The solution of the Munich-based team brings transparency to the supply chains of industrial companies. Their product creates a real-time digital copy of the supply chain using their self-developed IoT technology.

Our ninth investment in August 2018:

Bernstein provides the intellectual property for the digital age. The Munich-based company is offering blockchain based solutions for intellectual property management. Bernstein allows companies to manage the whole innovation lifecycle by creating a trail of records on the bitcoin blockchain. Inventions, designs, proofs of use can be quickly registered and a blockchain certificate will prove ownership, existence, and integrity of any IP asset.

Our tenth investment in October 2018:

Sharpist leverages technology to increase the efficiency of employee development in general and leadership coaching in specific. Sharpist’s coaches and its technology work in symbiosis: the coaches enrich every user’s personality and behavior data and help users reach their individual development goals.

Our eleventh investment in December 2018:

iubel combines the expertise of excellent lawyers and the possibilities of data analysis to assess the chances of success of legal disputes. This enables iubel to assume the risk of litigation costs and advance all necessary costs if the case is considered to be promising. In this way, the client can assert his rights with legal support, free of worries.

Track Record

Selected investments In 2013 / 2014





„Those guys are active shareholders.“

Holger Seim – Blinkist

MOTU Ventures Management GmbH

Managing Director
Dr. Philipp Semmer, Dr. Karsten Stein